Matt from Evike takes a look at the AceTech Brighter C Compact Rechargeable Tracer Unit and it’s features.

Acetk Corp Ltd. (Acetech) is the Airsoft accessory manufacturer who specializes in airsoft tracer units, chronographs, airsoft gun controlling system and auto target system. Acetech exports products worldwide.

The Brighter C, is a smallest and lightest tracer unit designed for airsoft gun. Because of its small dimension, it enables users easily to install it into their silencers or airsoft gun hand-guards as long as their inner space is larger than the dimension of Brighter C. (Diameter: 28mm or 1.1 inches, length: 57mm or 2.25inches).

Brighter C could light up green tracer BBs with very high brightness. Do not disassemble the Brighter C to prevent high voltage electrical shock. It will automatically switches off under the following conditions: A. Device has idled for 5 minutes B. When the battery power is low, after the power indicator blinks in red color for 3 seconds.
Remaining power indicator (flash once per second) A. Green light: high power B. Orange light: medium power C. Red light: low power.

Do not look straight into the muzzle to check the installation of the device to prevent any accident like mistakenly pulling the trigger or firing the gun.

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