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The EMG Arms x STI International DVC 3-GUN 2011 has a CNC machined aluminum frame with Molded DVC Stippling pattern provide a comfortable, slip-resistant grip. The slide has lightening cuts to help it cycle faster with less felt muzzle flip.

EMG x STI International DVC 3-GUN 2011

The trigger is ultra light and fast which compliments well to the quick cycling slide. The polymer grips are molded to resemble STI’s DVC Stippling which is an aggressive scallop style cut that are both comfortable and incredibly efficient at helping the shooter maintain a positive grip.

The STI DVC 3-GUN is specifically designed to meet the needs of todays 3-gun enthusiast while keeping true to the DVC heritage of Accuracy, Power and Speed Diligenta, Vis, Celeritas. Shoot flatter. Shoot longer between reloads. Consider the performance critical handgun portion of your 3-gun arsenal duly covered.

EMG x STI International DVC 3-GUN 2011

These handguns are exceptionally crafted to tight tolerances to mimic the look and feel to that of their real life counterparts.

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