Do you like it compact?

The EMG Arms Noveske Space Baby has a 4″ handguard, for an ultra compact PDW design. Featuring the new Edge II gearbox with Micro FET for durability right out of the box for you to enjoy in the field.

Noveske Space Baby

Adding to an already strong lineup of Noveske offerings in the world of Airsoft, the EMG 8.5″ Space Invader AEG is the latest and greatest to hit the shelves. A unique AR Pistol design, the Space Invader excels at tight quarters and precise movements. If agility and precision are your goal, then the EMG Noveske Space Invader AEG is quite possibly one of the best choices out there.

Noveske Space Baby

Got excited? Head over to the EMG Arms web to learn more about this rattler build…

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