ELAK12 Essential from E&L Airsoft? How about that!

Many of you have been waiting for this delivery, so Gunfire is in a hurry to inform you that they have restocked this beauty.
All parts you see are made from steel. Inside this beauty there is a V3 Gearbox, known for its durability and tuning possibilities. The whole thing is spiced up with accessories such as magwell spacer or ergonomic fire mode selector.
ELAK12 Essential
The possibility of a partial disassembly of the ELAK12 Essential, in the same way as the original firearm – without any tool and the fact that E&L airsoft replicas are assembled in a factory dedicated to the manufacture of firearms also adds to the atmosphere!
Get yours from Gunfire before they are sold out!

Grab yours >> www.gunfire.com/el-airsoft

More product news from Gunfire on our blog, can be found here!

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