Introducing the Xmag 100rds GBB

You might have seen some pictures online already about the new product DYTAC introduced, and the good news is that it is they will have them available by the end of April for you! DYTAC is proudly presenting you their newest item, the Xmag 100rds GBB Drum Mag

Dytac Xmag

Build with top notch materials and craftsmanship, and it works like a champ. The Xmag can take 100 rounds of 6mm BB, it provides you great and solid shooting experience.

High grade Aluminum outer case with 24 dummy bullets makes it look totally awesome. We have three versions available for different GBB platforms: the Tokyo Marui MWS; GHK M4A1 GBB; and VFC M4A1 GBB, so all Airsofters can enjoy that.

Dytac Xmag

DY-MAG01-MWS-BK       Xmag 100 rds GBB Drum Mag for MWS 

DY-MAG01-GHK-BK         Xmag 100 rds GBB Drum Mag for GHK M4A1 GBB

DY-MAG01-VFC-BK          Xmag 100 rds GBB Drum Mag for VFC M4A1 GBB

MSRP:                                 HK$2,160/ US$280

Materials:                           6061 Aluminum (CNC Machined Outer Case)/ ABS/ POM

*Different manufacturers’ BB’s quality might vary, and it will affect the shooting performance of the drum mag, the smoothness of BB’s ballistic, and might jamming. G&G P.S.B.P. 0.2g Green BB was used on our product testing. (FYI, Excel 0.23g BB cannot stand the spring pressure of the drum mag and they will break.)*

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