Breakthrough solutions part 1

DNS Alphas customer-centric approach focuses on actively listening to the needs and requirements of their law enforcement and military clients.
Understanding their challenges, they provide them with tailored solutions through innovative material proposals and thoughtful design considerations. They manage the production process and ensure on-time delivery as a trusted partner for several units that operate on the tip of the spear.

An example of their commitment is a recent project where we created more protection while maintaining the same level of functionality:
They successfully transformed a normally non-flame-resistant garment into a flame-resistant one, to increase the performance, but not compromise on comfort or durability.

Introducing the first part of our breakthrough solution:

The base layer

This crucial component sets the foundation for optimal protection and comfort. Our base layer is expertly engineered using our special Alpha Merino that provides moisture-wicking properties, breathability and temperature regulation.

Additionally Alpha Merino is extremely resilient and withstands extreme uses during missions. It lasts longer than any other Merino quality on the market today. Combined with its natural flame protection, Alpha Merino is as such the perfect material for our base layers and even surpassed the specific requirements of this project.

Stay tuned for more details on this essential element, the Alpha Merino Base layer.

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