Now available! The FKK Sling in AOR2

The guys at DEVTSIX hooked up with cellar_gear (UK), who makes the best customized nylon gear in order to bring you the DEVTSIX FKK Sling. Made from genuine unobtanioum AOR2 – imported directly from the US; so no “desert digital” / chinese AOR2 sh!t. Straight up cool guy AOR2 & only 10 made.


What does FKK mean? Easy to Google & makes sense if you think about naked / non-padded slings 😉 Why a naked sling? Because they reign supreme & unless you’re carrying around a SAW or a LAW, padded slings just add unnecessary bulk (imho).

Our naked sling is a hybrid of what we found works best from naked slings that are already available on the market – from Ferro to Spiritus, and made a “mash up” of the cool bits & pieces.

Grab yours >>


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