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For a long time, we’ve been unsatisfied with the experiences we’ve had with traditional rifle cases. Across the board, today’s cases come up short in terms of thoughtful design, gear protection, and ease of use. As a result, we completely blew up the inside of the case and worked our way outward, redefining expectations for a useful organization and transport system for your firearms and other important gear.

The result is the Magpul DAKA Hard Case, R44. It’s a rugged, premium storage solution that optimizes what a case can be.

DAKA Hard Case, R44

On the inside, we built the Hard Case around our revolutionary and versatile DAKA GRID Organizer. If you’re not familiar with the GRID by now, don’t expect to find the standard weak and messy pick-and-pluck foam inside our R44. The GRID uses customizable panels and blocks that offer a substantially stronger, completely reconfigurable system that adapts to each loadout.

DAKA Hard Case, R44

By utilizing gas-charged polypropylene with a microlattice design and construction, we gave the DAKA Hard Case a tough outer shell that minimizes weight and provides significantly greater protection for what’s inside. The sleek, snag-minimizing design also includes rounded, hollow corners that act as bumpers that deflect the energy of impacts while adding some extra internal storage. 

DAKA Hard Case, R44

Every part of the user interface on the Hard Case was redesigned to make it intuitive and easy to use. The weather-resistant gasket keeps out dust and moisture and includes self-equalizing pressure control. The cammed, push-button latches are incredibly easy to operate and feature a recessed lock with zip tie pass-throughs to keep your padlocks from snagging during shipment.

DAKA Hard Case, R44

The two hinged handles are modeled after our ergonomic pistol grips for max comfort, and there’s even a third, fixed handle between the wheels, so getting a grip from all angles is easy. For dependable and easy carry, the over-molded wheels with nylon internal hubs help you glide smoothly (and quietly) over most surfaces.


If you’re ready to completely transform your case experience for the better, head to or your favorite Magpul retailer today. 

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