New additions to the GRID Organizer

The DAKA® GRID Organizer has always been about customizability and versatility while putting a premium on protecting whatever you put in it. Continuing that trend, DAKA Bins and DAKA Gear Straps provide even more ways to customize your setup and increase the security of your gear and equipment during transport.


Our DAKA Bins – available in two sizes – are designed to nest within DAKA GRID Organizer Panels to keep loose parts, gear, ammo, and other items secure within the Magpul DAKA Hard Cases or any case outfitted with the GRID. DAKA Bins are made with transparent lids and include reinforced lid snap tabs to keep the Bins securely closed.

DAKA Gear Straps

With our DAKA Gear Straps, we’re expanding the utility and reliability of our DAKA GRID by adding more dependable security for uneven gear or loose items that don’t fit neatly within the Block and Panel structure. Our DAKA Gear straps are a foot long and ¾-inch in width, and can be fed through a DAKA GRID Panel to connect the hook-and-loop ends to immobilize anything that might move during transport. Four DAKA Gear Straps are included in a set.


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