The R-SERIES is officially available!

Brooklyn, NY – February 16, 2024– Crye Precision®, one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to the military, law enforcement and public safety markets, has announced the new R-SERIES™, a highly configurable, modular, and scalable system is now available for purchase through the company’s website. 

Crye Precision  R-SERIES

The R-SERIES™, the next evolution of the JPC 2.0™, is a highly tuned suite of load carriage innovations that strikes the nearly impossible balance between weight, durability, integration, modularity, versatility, and refinement. It was developed in collaboration with Special Operations Forces to address their unique and diverse requirements.

With the JPC R-SERIES™ at its core, the R-SERIES™ addresses the warfighter’s need to tailor the system to a constantly shifting mission profile. The design considers current cable routing requirements, various plate sizes and types, increase load carriage and additional extensive collaborations with end-user feedback.

Crye Precision R-SERIES

A full suite of 18 components allow you to build four different configurations (ASSAULT, JUMP, RECCE, and PACK).  ASSAULT configuration is a mission-ready plate carrier with the JPC R-SERIES™ as the foundation.  The R-SERIES™ M4 JUMP FLAP can be removed, connected to the R-SERIES™ HARNESS ADAPTER and HARNESS to make a jumpable chest rig that can carry up to six, 30-round M4 mags.  Add the R-SERIES™ ZIP-ON PACK and ADAPTER and you now have a lightweight plate carrier.  Remove the front flap to align the PACK configuration.

These versatile arrangements can all be outfitted with an array of R-SERIES™ accessories that increase comfort and can accommodate new comms units, like the PRC-163 radio. These accessories can be mounted beside or below the front and back panels, furthering adding to the modularity of the series, and ensuring the load is more streamlined.

In addition to the accommodation of heavier loads and plate sizes, the new integrated cable management is designed to channel throughout the system to help keep everything streamlined.

“The R-SERIES™ started with asking our end users what they wanted changed from the JPC 2.0 and what they told us needed very little alteration,” stated Crye Precision Director of Marketing, Ernesto Rodriguez. “They had new load carriage and cable management requirements that needed to be addressed, along with the modularity created for the AVS™ system.  The R-SERIES™ truly defines mission specific scalability.”

Available now through Crye Precision, the new R-Series comes in MULTICAM®, Ranger Green, Coyote, and Black.

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