Welcome to the Holsters Club!

…those are the first words you got to read when you open that nice box the holster come in. We teamed up with Craft Holsters for some product tests and first up in line is their Kydex series with light/laser bearing option.


Mostly known about their custom leather holsters, they took years of family tradition and expertise in leathercraft and added a modern approach to it, creating something that was lacking in the custom holsters world. They chose the best European holster manufacturers that use the finest materials such as Italian leather or German threads and have decades of experience in leather craftsmanship to create a new standard in custom made holsters.The new standard combined with their large gun list mean that custom holsters are more available and still keep the quality of work on the highest level.

Beside the whole leather line, Craft Holsters also offers Custom Kydex Holsters and one model that got our interest right away is the OWB Holster for the Glock19X with Surefire X300U weaponlight option.

First thing to notice is that this holster is designed for real firearms and not for airsoft guns. That maybe causes issues regarding the fitting as you now from other brands. BUT! I have to tell you that my airsoft Glock19X fits just perfect and 100% tight. No wobbling at all. You can turn it upside down and shake it bit; it´s still in place and won´t fall out quick. That´s also a good sign for the airsoft manufacturer UMAREX/VFC regarding their work to make the replica a 1:1 copy.


Right out of the box, the holster looks pretty well made to me. Manufactured in the “pancake style” and open muzzle design, the front & back shell sit correct & straight on each other. No tolerances or misplacing. The finish is Kydex like black (none refletive) and provides a good grip too. The material offers great retention, mainly because the temperature-molded plastic creates a slot in which the trigger guard can slide. Additional retention can be adjusted via screws. Kydex itself is resistant to temperature changes, which means that it doesn’t shrink or expand and thus doesn’t change the ability to retain the weapon. It only melts/cracks in extreme temperatures which are non-present in everyday use.


Lightweight with just 135g it feels almost nothing once mounted to your belt. Talking about the belt, this model fits to 1.5” and 1.75” wide belts. You´re able to adjust the belt loops for both sizes so a perfect, strong and tight fit is guaranteed.

The holster offers a 3 o´clock carry position (other models are available too) and its shape ensures that the gun is not in contact with the shooter’s body for a quick and easy draw.

This type of OWB (Outside the Waist Band) Holster is also great for concealed carry if you´re in the need. Thanks to its slim design, it fits under a jacket, shirt or any other layer you wear over a t-shirt etc.

To give you an idea, I put my LMSGear Inferno RED Flannel on. This shirt is not “slim fit sized” on purpose and so it gives you a great comfort for concealed carry as well on the job or on events that require kits like that. Check it out (click the pics to enlarge).


The Craft Holsters Kydex OWB Holster convinced me in all points. Workmanship, prize tag (89€), usability and an 2 year warranty is included too. I loved to work with it. The option that it fits 1.5” and 1.75” belts is great as you may want to run it on a battle belt setup too. The Holster sits tight on your 3 o´clock and it weights almost nothing. It provides an easy quick drawing when the gun is needed but at the same point, a strong fit is guaranteed too. On a regular basis, it won’t fall out! Remember, that Holster is made for real guns and not for airsoft but they fit airsoft guns as great as real steel.

Once you placed the order, the company starts producing your custom Holster for you. This could take up to two or three weeks depending on factory and material capacity. You´re tired of that Black Kydex? Ask them for other color options which are available too.

I was surprised about the shipping. I got notified that my Holster is ready and will be shipped out that day. A few days later, it knocked at my front door. Awesome! If you join their “Holsters Club”, members get it shipped for free.

Would I recommend the company and the product? You know the answer – I do! Stay tuned for more Holster reviews here at AMNB as we go forward with some leather once in the future.

Grab your Craft Holster here >> www.craftholsters.com

See all Holsters for the G19X Series >> www.craftholsters.com/glock-19x-holsters

Other gear used in this review:

LMSGear RED Flannel >> www.lmsgear.net/Inferno-Red-Flannel

LMSGear M.U.D Urban Grey 2.0 >> www.lmsgear.net/MUD-Urban-Grey-2-0