An old-school craftmanship that stands for quality!

Craft Holsters creates a place where responsible gun owners can find perfect fitting holsters for a fair price for their firearms even if it’s an uncommon model or if they are looking for an uncommon design. Craft is your place to be if you´re into quality holsters for your beloved sidearm.


In the beginning we have set one ultimate mission – to bring custom made holsters to everyone. Why? Because each responsible gun owner deserves a custom made holster for his or her handgun. We took years of family tradition and expertise in leathercraft and added a modern approach to it, creating something that was lacking in the custom holsters world.


We chose the best European holster manufacturers that use the finest materials such as Italian leather or German threads and have decades of experience in leather craftsmanship to create a new standard in custom made holsters. The new standard combined with our large gun list mean that custom holsters are more available and still keep the quality of work on the highest level.


Our aim is to provide you with a large custom holsters offer that proves that you don’t have to sacrifice the quality or make any other compromises to create custom made holsters. Our holsters are meant to be for the everyday good guy with a gun type of person, people like you and us. Join us on this journey and get yourself a custom made holster for your firearm.

They hope that their European quality holsters and customer service will satisfy all your needs.

If you want to have a closer look at one of their Kydex Holsters, we had one in for a review last year and here´s the article about it. Enjoy the read!

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