Blend into your surroundings even better

The SAVOTTA Camo Scrim Kit allows you to easily camouflage your equipment to match your surroundings. Laser cut 500D Cordura, quick and easy to apply and remove, reusable over and over and over again.

Camo Scrim Kit

Can be used to camouflage backpacks, vests, bags, rifles etc. Attachment holes can be used to tie down and secure the scrim pieces, or to add additional camouflage material.

Each kit includes five ca. 145 cm long zig-zaggy strips of the same colour.

Available in green, brown, white, M05 woodland, Multicam and Multicam Tropic. Made from proper military spec materials, offering great NIR performance. And yes, you can combine these to create multi-coloured 3D camouflage patterns.

Made in Finland from US made Cordura, utilizing incredible space-age laser technology.

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