More than 1850 MILSIM and airsoft players from 27 European countries have met in this years major MILSIM and airsoft event in Europe – Border war 4 – The Newcomer, that was held in Czech Republic in formal military area Ralsko during 26th to 29th of April 2012.

The scenario brought all participants into forests of the Northern Mershak where the Sultans mercenary army (S.E.L.A.) launched massive offensive in order to capture important oil pipeline and find hidden biochemical weapon. Opponent to Sultans army was so called Task Force 359 – Peace Keeper which consisted of local governmental army: San Marco 39 Border Guard Regiment and M.E.F. – Minacuan Expedition Forces supporting the defense of the oil pipeline and San Marcos Border.

Players were exposed to intensive infantry ops on level of clash of 2 battalions, containing plenty of tactical MILSIM scenario missions. During the event 170 players were transported via air in to the game in so called Border War Airmobile units.

The game area contained abandoned fortifications, deep forests, marshes, steep hills as well as a few streams and ponds. Game play was enriched with the Al Muhat Oasis, a set that was created by LARP (Life Action Role Playing) enthusiasts, together with more than 30 military vehicles brought over by the players. Catering, sponsor tents and airsoft shop. Various military clothes were sold at the Offzone during the event.

Read the full resume from the Border War Crew on their website HERE.

Take a look at some snap shots from the game…


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