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BLACKHAWK! Epoch Level 3 Light Bearing Duty Holster

The all new Epoch Level 3 Light Bearing Duty Holster was designed with several Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P Series models in mind.


Continuing its history of reliability, the manufacturer has introduced the new Epoch Level 3 Light Bearing Duty Holster for a variety of popular Glock and Smith & Wesson M&P pistol models. Featuring a thumb-activated release for single-phase operation, the new holster has been designed to accommodate multiple standard under-barrel pistol lights, such as the Streamlight TLR-1 and TLR-2, the SureFire X300 and X300 Ultra.

Blackhawk EPOCH LEVEL 3

Introducing a revolutionary locking mechanism, the Epoch Level 3 Light Bearing Holster’s patent-pending retention system features a thumb-activated Auto Lock and Pivot Guard, along with a passive retention detent screw. The holster engages the pistol’s ejection port when holstered and won’t let go until actuated by the thumb-activated, plunger-style release. The Pivot Guard remains open for one-handed re-holstering and prevents users from being locked out of the holster. Constructed of a proprietary polymer blend, the Epoch continues to reinforce learned skills by focusing on proper grip with the positioning of the Auto Lock thumb release and outboard index finger indent. The full master grip allows the shooter to draw the firearm with the index finger and thumb in proper alignment.

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