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This is the first three of six episodes in Season 2 of BLACK, the high action web series from Writer/Director Frank T. Ziede. The series stars real life military and LE veterans and takes it cues from projects like 24, HOMELAND, STRIKE BACK and countless others. Find out more at Please be aware, this is a limited time viewing event! These episodes will be taken down in the coming weeks. We are airing them publicly to say thanks to our awesome fans on Kickstarter and social media. Thanks for watching!

Starring: Mikal Vega, Daniel Betances, John T. Woods, Max Mullen, Andre Jackson, Mark Golden, Pete Kelly, Wesley John, Keith Andreen, Kimberley Fox, Marcus Natividad, Faouzi Brahimi, Konstantin Krustov, Aaron Mauldin & Cary Tagawa.

Written & Directed By: Frank T. Ziede

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