Introducing the Begadi Value Series, robust quality at an attractive price.

BEGADI Value is the idea of manufacturing equipment for airsoft players that is well made but inexpensive. Compromises owed to the price are more likely to be made in the “fancy features” area (i.e. nice, but not absolutely necessary functions), not in material and workmanship. Material and accessories are therefore at a high and tested level, which enables consistent, robust quality at an attractive price.

The BEGADI Value Plate Carrier – It is the first product in the Value series. Made of 500D nylon (not polyester!), With sturdy webbing and a solid bag set, it offers an all-round complete package, ready to be played on! The plate carrier is made up of four parts and has a classic cut. The front is provided with a flap to fix the cummerbund, as well as with Velcro for patches. An integrated admin panel and integrated magazine pouches were deliberately omitted.

The classic back has a wide tunnel for mounting the cummerbund, as well as a handle. Both the front and the back are equipped with a lightly padded, breathable spacer fabric and thin, removable soft SAPI inserts. The latter can also be exchanged for hard inserts.

The cummerbund is continuously adjusted using 3 ladder buckles and 1 “belt strap, so that the plate carrier can be adjusted from approx. 85cm to 110cm in circumference. In the cummerbund, under the lightly padded, breathable spacer fabric, there are also foam inserts that can be removed and / or exchanged. Two lightly padded shoulder tunnels allow cables and drinking tubes to pass through on the one hand, but on the other hand also significantly improve wearing comfort.

The plate carrier is equipped with two multi-purpose pouches for ammunition, equipment, food, tools and first aid items with zippers, two single (or double) magazine pouches with Velcro and a triple panel for magazines, also with Velcro. The magazine pouches each hold 2 magazines for M4 / M16 or a magazine for AK, G36 or similar.

The set has a total capacity of 5-10 magazines.

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