Beer:30 – A new video series from UF PRO

Big ideas start with a beer. While occasional coffee doesn’t hurt to actually bring those to life, we need to start somewhere. UF PRO Beer:30 is a series of talks related to tactical clothing, its application, and actual experiences from professionals in the field. If we add it is hosted by Armin Wagner, UF PRO’s Head of product development, you know you’re in for a treat.

And Armin didn’t have to look far for his first guest as he sits in the office right next door. Namely, the UF PRO’s sales office. Darko Radoš Roth joined our team back in June this year after he spent 19 years in the uniform of the Slovenian Army. Darko brings vast field experience to our team and was a perfect guest to talk about tactical winter clothing.

Beer:30 UF PRO

Armin Wagner, UF PRO’s Head of product development, will invite interesting guests for a discussion over a beer on topics related to tactical clothing. In each episode, you’ll be able to hear from interesting people working in a wide range of tactical professions, different topics, opinions, and experiences related to tactical clothing.

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