They are Coming !!! Squadron – Victory Girls – Fly Girls


AW Custom just announced the release of three custom 1911s which are official licensed by Auto Ordnance. Check below some of the features and make your decission which one you like the most!


-) Official licensed by Auto Ordnance
-) Authentic and Iconic 1911 designs
-) Real wood textured Grip with U.S Logo marking
-) Slightly Weathered body to give you that “Combat Used” feel (you can further weather it as you please)
-) Grip and Thumb Saftey
-) Full metal internals / slide and lower frame
-) Pistol weight and Blowback Action both Satisfying
-) The Famous American Star symbol engraved on the slide
-) Slide designed to look like Steel plate Armor surface
-) “Gun metal” paint used to give that real steel feel to it
-) lanyard Attachment area at bottom of Grip

*Squadron – Engraved slide design to resemble a WW2 Fighter Plane (P40 / Hurricane etc), featuring the famous shark mouth artwork
AND “USA” engraved on the lower frame grip area

*Victory Girls – Engraved slide design of a “pin up” girl on the right side, and an updated “Rosie the Riveter” on the left

*Fly Girls – Engraved slide design of this custom pistol honors the Women Airforce Service Pilot’s (WASP’s) who played a vital role in the war effort during WWII , AND “WASP” engraved on the lower frame grip area.

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