Why the need for two filters to be worn at the same time with the FM50?

The Avon Protection FM50 APR (Air Purifying Respirator) is designed with the capability to mount two filters for several reasons.

Avon Protection FM50 APR

Increased Airflow and Lower Profile:
Utilizing two filters can improve airflow, making breathing easier for the user. This design not only enhances airflow for easier breathing during strenuous activities and extended use, but also reduces snag hazards and simplifies weapon sighting.

Avon Protection FM50 APR

Balanced Weight Distribution:
The FM50’s dual-filter setup provides balanced weight distribution on your face, significantly improving comfort and reducing fatigue during long-term wear.

Redundancy and Extended CBRN Protection:
When you need to change a filter, the Avon FM50 allows you to do so without interrupting your breathing – one filter stays in place while you replace the other, ensuring your safety in environments with high contaminant concentrations.

The Avon Protection FM50 APR is now available for s special price in a PRO KIT (along with FM61EU filters, a clear outsert and a tactical mask carrier) at our online store.

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