Product Spotlight – Steyr AUG A2

The Steyr AUG A2 airsoft replica from ASG is a faithful recreation of the iconic Austrian-built assault rifle.

Thanks to its bullpup configuration, the Steyr AUG 2 is a comparatively compact AEG, despite a full-length barrel. It means this eager rifle is just as happy dealing with the opposition outdoors as it is in more confined CQB play.

The star of many a movie and video game, the AUG 2 features a polymer receiver and stock, and alloy outer barrel, boasting a magazine capacity of 330 rounds and a shooting performance of 328fps.

The accessory rail offers a raft of aiming attachment options, making this a worthy choice for aspiring airsofters.

To find out more, visit the ASG website.

ASG Web >>


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