Red never looked so good on a CZ Shadow 2!

CZ refers to the Shadow 2 as the queen of IPSC Production division. One of the most accurate and fastest pistols of its category. The Shadow 2 has lead the way for grandmasters and novices alike. The Shadow 2 is a sleek and beautiful handgun that transcends its ancestors in both design and function. With a smooth double action trigger, adjustable magazine catch and a grip shaped for the deepest grasp. The Shadow 2 is a new level of a first-rate all-steel pistol for modern dynamic shooting events. A model which enables good shooters to give excellent performance and the best ones to triumph at the most prestigious IPSC competitions.

This is our teaser video to the ASG CZ Shadow 2 RED project video that we will be released later. We hope you enjoy the way we have filmed this quick teaser as we would like to know what you think for future videos.

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