The Amoeba MUTANT is the latest iteration of the legendary AMOEBA M4 style AEGs, high-quality lightweight polymer receiver with a “billet” style design.

The Amoeba MUTANT is the latest iteration of the legendary AMOEBA M4 style AEGs that has been a top choice of starters and modders alike! This new model breaks from the traditional M4 format and comes feature packed while not compromising on performance.

The MUTANT keeps the high-quality lightweight polymer upper and lower receiver seen on generations pasts but improves upon it by refreshing its look, giving it a more “billet” style design. The rifle also now features ambidextrous magazine release paddles making it much easier for lefties to operate.

The most defining feature of the MUTANT is its ability to be highly customizable. Learning from the success of the ARES M45 series AEGs, the MUTANT’s front end is completely modular. Meaning you can swap out the complete outer barrel assembly which includes inner barrel and hop-up for an extended version or a more compact version to suit your play style or “mission”. The process is quick and easy by simply popping out the retainer pin that connects the handguard to the lower receiver and unscrew the 2 screws that hold the barrel assembly in place. This allows for a much wider range of possibilities otherwise unseen on AEGs that are considered “entry-level”.

Internally the gun uses the ARES E.F.C.S. system that is tried and tested. You will get a workhorse of a rifle that can also be programmed to fire in semi-auto, burst, or full-auto by using the corresponding programmer.

All MUTANT AEGs are compatible with ARES or AMOEBA M4 AEG magazines as well as standard M4 AEG magazines and the threading is 14mm CW.

Get yours from our friends over at RedWolf Airsoft >>

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  1. This gun is a pile of dookie, the hop up is for ares guns only so cannot be changed for aftermarket one so if the bucking is bad like the one in mine then you can’t change it, plus the hop up unit isn’t removable from the inner barrel YOU CANNOT UPGRADE anything with the barrel only the gearbox maybe
    Do yourself a favour and get a king arms m4 they’re as solid as ares guns AND you can actually remove the hop up unit to replace or upgrade!
    This thing looks good on my wall too bad it doesn’t fire properly because the hop rubber and bucking have gone bad and there’s no way to remove and replace it


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