Get to know the difference: Maritime & Urban

After all this time, Altama Boots STILL gets asked, “what’s the difference between the Maritime and the Urban?” The clue is in the name…

Altama Boots

MARITIME is an amphibious boot, built to operate in and out of the water with free-flow side vents, quick dry Cordura®, and an impermeable rubber insole that never takes on any water weight. ⁠

URBAN is a land mission boot, built to operate in dry environments with a breathable Flex Knit upper and an antimicrobial insole.⁠

Pop one of each in your cart over at the Altama Boots website and use code URBAN50 at checkout to take advantage of our Buy One and Get your URBAN half off!
(Hurry, this offer ends next Thursday June 30th 2022 at midnight EST!)

Gut yours here >>

European Customers go to >>

More product news from Altama Ono ur blog, can be found here!


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