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Take it to the next level…

I recently had a conversation with a relatively new airsofter who had been playing for a few months, got some kit together and in his own words, “wanted to take his airsoft to the next level”. He wanted to know exactly how much money he should be spending to attain this “next step” of airsoft and what it should be spent on. I felt a little mean when I had to explain to him that there was no higher echelon to be reached through buying kit and the only sure result of that was an empty wallet and a huge heap of nylon and guns.

Don’t get me wrong here, one of my favourite post-pay day things to do is find a little treat for myself, this month I finally managed to ditch the throat mic that’s been doing it’s best to strangle me for the last year and pick up a new PTT and headset to replace it. It’s not the most expensive or groundbreaking piece of kit, but it made me scramble for the post like a kid at Christmas when it arrived! My point is that I don’t think there’s any route to airsoft nirvana via spending a fortune on any kind of kit.

If you really want to take airsoft to the next level, there’s one way to do it in my mind. Make sure you’ve got a solid and reliable gun in your hands, (check out the G&G and ICS ranges we’ve reviewed recently for some fantastic value), and hit up a weekender. You cannot beat the total immersion and non-stop action you will get at one of these events. As luck would have it our very own Ai500 is coming up and the very next weekend is the NAE Weekender from Ground Zero. Both events are set to be massive and you’ll have the chance to meet and get on the field with new friends and old rivals alike.

What’s the hold-up? Get yourself booked into a big game and experience the variety, the excitement and the new friends that airsoft has to offer. Skirmishing is so much bigger than your local site and it’s waiting for you to get out there and shoot a few mags at it!


See you on the field!



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