It’s that time of the year again!


What has become the biggest online airsoft event, the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, is now on its 14th Awards Period. For a 2-month duration of the Awards airsoft players from around the world shall nominate and then vote for the best in the various awards categories.

14th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards

Airsoft retailers, players, publications, manufacturers, products, blogs, communities, reviewers, videos, podcasts, and events are covered by this Awards event. Airsoft players worldwide get to vote on who they think deserve their votes and show their appreciation for those who have done a good job at serving the airsoft community.

This is what makes the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards special as it takes into particular consideration the importance of the particapation of airsoft players as they are after all, the ones who benefit from the products and services of various airsoft companies and individuals.

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