Auscam Citadel Pack & Slings | Apostle Club Athletic Tees & Pants

Todays drop at 3PM EST – Auscam Citadel Pack, Slings & Apostel Club Mission Cargo Pants  

It’s QILOs pleasure to introduce another Citadel Pack and Sling pairing in collaboration with their friends at GWA. Their sister brand, Apostle Club, is also dropping a new collection on the site the same time today. So be aware of that too!

Auscam Citadel Pack

The Citadel was a bag 7+ years in the making with every detail painstakingly prototyped & fielded in order to ensure maximum functionality. All this over a period that has covered over 20,000 miles of road & air travel. Throughout the years we have used dozens of bags while never encountering one perfect design that incorporated everything we wanted in a bag. The Citadel combines all of our favorite & must have features into one bag. This making it our perfect EDC, travel & tactical use pack.

The Citadel Micro is the smaller brother to the full size Gen3 Citadel. It’s the same size as the Gen3’s main compartment. Think Gen3 Citadel minus the laptop compartment. We made the micro to be slim, light and low profile.

Apostle Club Mission Collection

Apostle Club Mission Collection

The collection includes athletic-inspired tees, tapered cargo pants with plenty of pockets for outdoor/urban trekking.

Apostle Club Mission Collection

Want to learn more about them? Head over to the QILO Blog and find it out!

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