DAKA Field Trays – simple, clever organized!

Ever need a secure place to keep things organized and accessible when you’re away from your workshop? Losing even one small part can ruin your day, so Magpul made their DAKA Field Trays to stow your gear, parts and small tools all in one place while you’re out of the house and working with your hands.

DAKA Field Trays

They come in two sizes and have four corners that snap together, creating a walled container that keeps everything right where you need it. When you’re done, they unsnap and lay flat for easy storage.

DAKA Field Trays

Our dependable, everything-proof DAKA material laughs at exposure to dirt, oil, and debris, and it makes our Field Trays more rugged and able to handle hard use, wherever you take them. We even included a magnetic Magpul logo to really make sure your important gear doesn’t go AWOL at the wrong moment.

DAKA Field Trays

Thinking you need to get your hands on one? Get them now at Magpul.com or your local Magpul retailer.

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