UF PRO Announces Coming Availability of the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt, Described as a Perfect Next-Level Clothing Solution for Ops in Extreme Cold

KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (21 September 2022)Tactical garment innovator UF PRO today announced that its new AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt for military and law-enforcement personnel will soon become available for purchase online and at the company’s brick-and-mortar store in Komenda.

AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt

The AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt is a tactical garment that embodies revolutionary, next-generation advances in performance and comfort. UF PRO said its AcE Winter Combat Shirt was developed in response to the very specific, cold-weather operational requirements of today’s armed forces and police units.

“This is a second-generation product built upon the proven strengths of the original AcE Winter Combat Shirt,” said Armin Wagner, UF PRO head of development. “The result is a next-level iteration that incorporates a hybrid design intended to give wearers even greater ability to execute mission-specific movements and to better meet the requirements for overall more rugged performance and remarkable comfort.”

AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt

According to UF PRO, the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt’s key features include: 

  • Hybrid design that achieves superior thermal performance by integrating a 100-percent windproof and highly water-repellent face fabric with G-LOFT® insulated sleeves plus a body lining consisting of Merino wool and COCONA® 37.5™ microfleece
  • Two-way VISLON® zippers for easier use of ventilation openings
  • Kangaroo pockets with meshed air vents
  • Fixed air/pac® inserts in the shoulder and upper back for increased air circulation along with better plate-carrier support and weight distribution
  • Angle zippers to reduce pressure points that can result from wearing additional layers of clothing
  • Collar-width adjuster
  • Layered design for softer, quieter performance and better management of body moisture
  • Compatible with both hard-shell and thermal jackets
  • schoeller®-dynamic stretch cuffs
  • Improved durability and moisture-wicking owing to breathable, abrasion-resistant, 3D mesh along the section where the shirt overlays the hips

Said Wagner: “We designed the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt to follow and fit the contours of the human body as perfectly as possible, while at the same time opting for a material to give it exactly enough stretchiness that wearers can put it on and take it off with ease.

“Also, this second generation’s face fabric is more resilient, lighter in weight, softer to the touch, and a lot quieter. It combines the functionalities of a base, middle, and outer layer in a single garment—all so that the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt can readily adapt to the needs and output of the individual wearer’s body.”

Wagner added that the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt is intended for high-intensity ops conducted in cold weather.

“It’s an incredible team player,” he said. “Here’s why. Our bodies perform best when they’re able to maintain a core temperature that’s consistent. If that temperature fluctuates and drops below 35°C, hypothermia sets in. We start shivering and experience confusion. On the other hand, if our body’s core temperature rises too high, we’re at risk of suffering heat exhaustion. The complex hybrid structure of the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt is designed to counter such core temperature fluctuations and their bad effects, so wearers never feel too cold or too hot.”

AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt

Core temperature is maintained in large part thanks to the existence of a miniscule amount of space between the fabric and the skin. This space, said Wagner, supports an interior microclimate that helps wearers enjoy optimum comfort while active even in extremely cold weather.

“This very slender space is between the shirt’s microfleece lining and laminated outer layer, which creates an air pocket,” he explained. “This pocket serves two other purposes besides supporting the microclimate zone. First, it functions as an additional layer of insulation. Second, it contributes to the ability of wearers to move freely and not feel as if the shirt is binding them or tying them down.”

Among the enhancements found in the second-generation AcE Winter Combat Shirt is extra protection for those parts of the body that normally are the most exposed to outdoor cold.

“Additionally, the Merino wool and 37.5™ microfleece lining provides stronger resistance to odour build-up and gives this next-generation combat shirt better moisture-wicking and breathability properties,” Wagner said. “Meanwhile, the G-LOFT® filling increases the shirt’s previous outstanding thermal-insulation performance as well as enabling it to regain its original shape more readily after being compressed. And Kangaroo pocket openings built for easy access—even with a plate carrier in place—feature interior mesh linings that permit air to flow directly to the body and rapidly draw off excess heat.

UF PRO said it will later announce a firm date for the start of AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt sales. The company did, however, indicate that the garment will be available in a choice of colours: they are Brown Grey, Navy Blue, Black, Steel Grey, and MultiCam®.

“With the AcE Gen.2 Winter Combat Shirt, our product-development team has once again raised the bar when it comes to tactical garments delivering highest-level performance capabilities,” Wagner said.

For additional information and release dates, please visit ufpro.com or contact support@ufpro.si


UF PRO >> www.ufpro.com

Triple Action >> www.tripleaction.de/uf-pro

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