“BRACE YOURSELF” Winter is coming!

Have you seen the SNOW-CAMO products from GHOSTHOOD yet? It’s the season guys, what are you waiting for!

snow-camo Ghosthood

I’m pretty sure that at least some of our readers have heard about GHOSTHOOD before as we talked about the company and their high-speed products for military/law-enforcement, hunting and wildlife-photography application before. Today, it’s time to put a spotlight at their SNOW-CAMO.


Currently available products from their line-up are: the Ghost-Hoodie, Ghost-Legs and Backpack Cover. Compared to their other products in CONCAMO pattern, the SNOW-CAMO line is reversible as well water repellent.

Why does it need to be reversible? The answer is simple; GHOSTHOOD put some of their stripes in CONCAMO-BROWN on the inside, providing you the ability to “blend-in” even better when operating in environments with less snow or more vegetation in it. This allows you to break up your structure immediately. 

I mean, see it for yourself, it works!

On the other side, the full white provides perfect concealment in those snowy areas. Oh, and like all GHOSTHOOD products, the SNOW-CAMO offers you the same IRR protection when operating at goon time.



  • Reversible from camo to pure white
  • On and off in seconds
  • Wearable with or without helmet (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • One size for all. Fits over any equipment / daypack
  • Without opening or dropping the camouflage – access to holsters, belts, bags and equipment
  • Eye slit with mesh for optimal camouflage in close range (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • Optic opening for covering rifle and shoulders in pone (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • Hand camo like mittens (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • One piece without loss of parts
  • Extremely small pack size
  • More than 50 CFIX camouflage attachment points per side (Ghost-Hoodie)
  • Pieces in CONCAMO® Brown with IRR print
  • Without opening or dropping the camouflage – access to leg pocket, bags (Ghost-Legs)
  • incl. optional shoe covers (Ghost-Legs)
  • 10 CFIX camouflage attachment points per leg (Ghost-Legs)
  • low-noise material
  • adjustable elastic cord for secure fit (Backpack-Cover)

Got your interest? I bet so! Head over to their website and discover the full line-up, it’s time to treat yourself… I know you’ve been good all year!

Gear up >> www.ghost-hood.com


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