Achilles, a hero of the Greek mythology is the eponym of Pentagon’s tactical trekking boots. The legends tell, that Achilles was an invulnerable hero of the Trojan War which had only one vulnerability – his kneels. Pentagon, being a Greek company, payed tribute to their ancient legend with these trekking boots.

Heels are a vulnerable part of every man and women’s body – no matter if you’re an invulnerable warrior or not. The reinforced kneel panel is both a design and functional feature – supporting your kneels and telling Achilles’ story.

As I said before, Pentagon is a Greek company, specializing in “Tactical Sportswear” – High performance gear and clothing that can be used both on duty and in regular outdoor activities without looking too military.

Our sample of the Achilles boot is the 6″ Mid version. There is also an 8″ version available. Color-wise there are also 2 options: black and tan.

The boot is made out of 1200D Nylon in combination with leather and various other materials, which we will take a closer look at later on in the review.

In terms of the design, the Achilles is a classic trekking boot without being overly bold and military.

The outer sole is made out of rubber and has an aggressive looking texture. The sole performed very well in various environments. I mostly used the boot for hiking and working around the house.

Hidden gimmick: a Spartan logo on the heel area of the sole. I feel like the designers tried to incorporate some ancient Greek symbols into the sole (or got inspired by them), as some parts look a bit familiar. I could swear, that there’s a spearhead at the toe area.

The boot features not only reinforcements on the heel area but also on the front to protect your toes.

Achilles features a Coolmax liner in the inside of the tongue and the ankle area to keep your feet both cool and dry / warm and dry, depending on the climate.

When it comes to water resistance, the Achilles boot utilizes a Dintex membrane that has a hydrostatic head of 4000mm.

The Dintex membrane does a great job of keeping the water out, but when it comes to breathability, it seems to fail. When using the boots for hiking in the summertime, I experienced a whole lot of sweating and moist socks – resulting in various blisters. I was using the same trekking socks I’m always wearing when hiking and never experienced such sweating with my other Lowa, Meindl or Salomon boots.

In the wintertime, sweating wasn’t an issue and the combination of the Dintex membrane and the Coolmax liner worked very well in keeping my feet warm and dry.

The insole is made by Ortholite, which has pretty much become the standard these days.

The Achilles also features a EVA mid sole.

The outer sole extends half way up to the toe area and adds an extra texture.

Solid metal lace-up hooks provide extra durability and the shoelace doesn’t come loose by itself.

Reinforced leather pad on the tongue.

Final Words

The Pentagon Achilles trekking boot is a comfortable and well performing boot for all your outdoor activities. It features an attractive design as well as great materials.

The only downside for me is the breathability issue with the Dintex membrane. Although my feet tend to sweat more then usual, it’s not an issue I came across with various other water proof boots. Nevertheless, I’m liking the Achilles a lot and I’m using it mostly in colder conditions.

I’d like to thank Pentagon for letting us test the Achilles boot. If you want to get one for yourself, head over to your local Pentagon dealer or search for a dealer in your country on Pentagon’s map on their website.