OPS, short for “Optimal Performance System” is a tactical gear manufacturer based in Hong Kong. OPS produces tactical/military clothing and gear. If you’re a fan of Pencott’s camouflage patterns, you’ve probably seen a few of their products like the FAST helmet covers, plate carriers or pants and combat shirts.

OPS is dedicated to creating innovative products that feature high quality materials. Their customers include military personal, law enforcement officers, film productions (Terminator 4), security companies and, of course, Airsoft and Milsim players.

In this review we are going to take a closer look at the OPS Advanced Fast Response Pant (the pant will be referred to as AFRP throughout the review).

The pant is designed as a low profile pant with removable knee protection, a design very common these days with military and tactical clothing. The Advanced Fast Response pant features six pockets in total – 2 cargo pockets on the upper leg, two front and two rear pockets. The cargo and rear pockets feature flaps with a Velcro closure

Although the AFRP kinda looks like your average TIER1 brand clone (you know, which brand an pant I’m referring to), it is a complete own design only sharing similarities. You can’t reinvent the wheel, right? Integrated kneepads are a must-have for tactical pants today and OPS did not only add those to their pants, they’ve also came up with their own design.

The knee pads feature a coarse texture, that prevents loosing grip while kneeling down on the ground and also doubles as an impact protection. The pads also feature padding on the sides and on the upper portion of your shins for extra protection.

The AFRP pants also feature mil-spec’ed stretch fabric on the inside of the thighs – a feature that is quite popular among combat pants today. It prevents the pant from blocking your movement while kneeling or building up tension due to the extra amount of bulk the knee pads add. The stretch fabric is pretty durable and you don’t worry about tearing the fabric apart.

Unlike other compat pants, the AFRP doesn’t feature any stretch fabric on the upper back portion of the pant. The AFRP features two angled butt pockets and two thigh pockets on the sides. To prevent the knee pad from dangling around while moving, OPS added compression straps on the calves. These straps will keep the knee pads in place securely.

The AFRP can accomodate most of your tactical belts thanks to it’s oversized belt loops.

The side pockets are large enough to store a 30rds AR-15 mag inside. The Velcro on the flap is big enough to allow for oversized items to be carried.

The compression strap on the calves is an essential feature but could benefit from a larger adjustment range, especially when you have thin legs.

The fabric that holds the knee pads in place is made out of a different (stroger) material then the rest of the pant, which you can telly by the color difference of the Pencott pattern.

The knee pad can easily be taken out of the pant, putting it back in takes a bit of force, as it’s a pretty tight fit. The knee pads aren’t compatible with Crye.

OPS uses genuine 50/50 NYCO Rip-Stop Pencott Greenzone fabric.

The legs feature traditional compression straps. Using bungee cord and cord stoppers would’ve been a nice bonus. This is something one could easily add by themselves if needed.

An unusual but stylish place for a label.

A closer look at the stitching on the inside.

Here’s a closer look at the compression straps. As I mentioned earlier, the range of adjustment could be bigger.

The butt area is reinforced with an additional layer of fabric.


Final Words

The OPS Advanced Fast Response Pant is not only feature-packed but also very well made. The materials used are meant to last and take a beating. The knee pads might not be everyone’s favorite in terms of looks, but they do what they’re meant to do – protect your knees. There are some small drawbacks with the compression straps when you have tight-er legs but they still perform as expected and keep the knee pads in place.

For 118USD, the AFRP is an affordable combat pant that doesn’t break the bank.

The pant is also available in many different camo patterns and solid colors.

Get yours now at UR-Tactical.


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