Since 2001 Modify provides the airsoft market with durable and high quality after market parts. Innovative products like the “Modular Gear Set” or the various “Complete Gearboxes” have found a lot of fans in the airsoft community.

Modify is a Taiwan based manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience in producing precision metal parts, turning industry tools and precision machines.

With the Bolt Sniper Rifle MOD24, Modify released their first complete airsoft gun. Lets see in this review if the MOD24 is also made by the company’s high standards.



The Assembling of the MOD24 is pretty easy. The MOD24 comes shipped in two parts. The stock and the receiver assembly. Just drop the receiver assembly into the stock and fix it with the two included 3mm allen screws.

Attention! Dont screw it to tight. Otherwise this may result in a feeding problem.




The outer barrel is made of aluminum and has a nice matt black finish. The outer barrel is not attached to the body in the front side of the MOD24 by any extra screws. It does float freely. The result of this is that the barrel is a bit wobbling to the top, left and right side. This can be simple fixed with a cable tie or a small Velcro tape. The outer barrel is easily removable by one screw.

Inside the outer barrel works a 485 mm long precision 6.08mm inner barrel. The inner barrel is only holden by the hop-up Unit and the muzzle cap. This maybe has a negative effect on the trajectory. Basically some barrel spacer would have been a nice extra. Modify also offers a hybrid 6.01mm precision inner barrel as an after market part.

On the left side of the outer Barrel the hop-up can easily be adjusted to ones needs by moving the slider (similar to the VSR-10 hop-up system). This is a big plus since you can adjust the hop-up on the fly and there’s no need for any allen keys or taking down parts of the rifle.




The available bipod mount on the MOD24 is made out of steel and works properly with our Harris bipod. The bipod stays securely in place on the weapon.

Just a note: If you buy a bipod, don’t buy cheap china models. It’s a waste of money because its made by cheap Pot metal which isn’t robust or durable.




The magazine holds up to 30BBs and can be upgraded with a LED unit which is powered by three LR41 batteries. So Tracer BBs can be used for night games or at night time.




The trigger is adjustable with 2 screws. The first one is for the resistance of the trigger and the second one is to adjust the way. No need to disassembly the complete airsoft gun.




To adjust the recoil pad use the big front wheel and fix it with the counter wheel. The used materials also here are very solid and durable. Well done!




The surface of the MOD24’s polymer stock is nicely textured and feels solid. As you can see on the picture some production-related imperfection at the end of the Stock. But there are no sharp edges or protruding burs. In the most cases the gun will be painted anyways, so who cares!

The grip feels quite big, bigger than most sniper rifles I’ve held. Maybe I’m just used to small grips or I just have small hands. In terms of ergonomics this is a litte downer for me because it let’s the rifle feel somewhat bulky.

Tip: Inside the Stock there’s a lot of empty space which can be filled with insulating material to prevent vibration and noise.




The cocking action is fast and smooth. The safety lever snaps in clean. The safetly lever stays in place while cocking the gun. I’ve had bolt action rifles where the safetly lever jumped into the “safe” position after beeing touched during the cocking process and I had to remove the safety nearly every time I wanted to take a shot.




The solid picatinny top rail is mounted with 4 screws. The coating of the rail already came off after mounting the scope multiple times.




Based on the APS2 system, Modify used well made, high quality internal parts.The steel cylinder houses a M150 spring equipped with a 9mm stainless steel spring guide and a lightweight aluminum piston with a rubber piston head and a Delrin ring at the rear end. The piston has a 90° rear end. Also the cylinder head is made out of stainless steel and seals the cylinder perfectly. As usual with Modify all internal parts are top quality.



After some research, it seems that Modify took the Javelin/Snow Wolf M24 as a base plate and redesigned various parts, especially the trigger mechanism (added adjustability), the receiver/scope mount and the magazine (LED tracer unit).

This is a good thing – you can get a lot of spare parts, tuning parts etc. for this gun. The APS2 system is the second most popular spring system on the market today – the VSR-10 is the most popular.

Attention: there are two different versions of the Snow Wolf M24 – one is using VSR-10 parts the other one APS2 parts. When we are talking about the Snow Wolf M24, we referr to the APS2 version all the time.The trigger mechanism still uses APS2 parts and sears, so aftermarket parts should fit.

The hop-up unit seems to be compatible with the various cnc chambers that you can buy for the SW 24/Javelin M24 (AirsoftPro, PDI, Angel Custom etc.) but people are reporting that the APS2 chamber won’t fit since it’s too small in diameter. The piston, spring guide, spring and cylinder head are APS2 compatible, the cylinder seems to be a APS2 or Type96 cylinder – we can’t proof this as we don’t have a APS2 or a Type96 cylinder available at the moment.



FPS Measurement (0.20 BBs)

  1. 495 FPS
  2. 490 FPS
  3. 492 FPS
    4. 491 FPS
  4. 492 FPS



Modify did an excellent job building the MOD24 and It’s a welcome addition to the airsoft sniper market. The build quality is great and considering the price of just arround 270USD, you get a lot of bang for your bucks. It’s almost a steal considering the quality of the internal parts compared to other bolt action sniper rifles in this price segment like ARES, King Arms, Maruzen.

Beeing APS2 compatible, there are tons of upgrade and spare parts available and you can modify the MOD24 to fit your needs. Speaking of upgrades: the internals of the MOD24 can handle powerful springs right out of the box so if you want to upgrade to 550 FPS, drop in a M170 spring, replace 9mm piston and 9mm spring guide and you’re done – no need to replace the trigger unit or trigger sears.

On the one hand the APS2 compatibility is great, on the other hand I would have designed the MOD24 to be VSR-10 compatible instead. The VSR-10 system is future-proof and as more and more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon, there will be upgrade and spare parts availible over decades.

The Modify MOD24 is available in Germany at Sniper airsoft Supply and in Asia at WGC Shop.





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