It’s been a while since urban tactical pants have been used to keep the wearer incognito with their environment without compromising the tactical requirements of the pants. Helikon-Tex are proud to announce their popular urban tactical pants in a denim style configuration.

The Denim UTPs are 80% cotton with a mix of polyester and elastane to help with an adjustable and comfortable fit regardless of the wearer’s frame. The trousers weigh in at 1.1 kg and contain 12 individual pockets with knee pad compartments.

Starting from the waist, the pants have elastic bands across the hips of the wearer which allow for an inch or more adjustment of the waist. There are a exceptional number of belt loops which can contain a main belt and/or inner belt for a combat harness.

The UTP has the same cut styling as the other variants of the UTP provided by Helikon-Tex, with two main pockets on the front of the waist and two smaller pockets within the main pockets for small items such as pens. The main pockets are cut to allow for access without hindering the use of a holster and/or snagging on any items on a belt.

Moving to the rear of the trousers, their are two back pockets with another two small pockets within. These pockets reflect the front pockets and allow for the same amount of room as is available in the front pockets. These pockets are quite robust and deep which allow for items to be securely kept regardless of what actions are being performed at the time.

On each leg, there are one large zipped pocket and a small closed pocket using Velcro adhesive. The smaller pockets are large enough to hold a STANAG magazine and/or other magazines of smaller dimensions. The larger pocket can hold the same if not more although is much bulkier fitting.

A slight issue which is to be had with the zipped pocket is how the zipper tends to flap around against the hands if they are rested. It is not a large issue however one solution is to contain the zipper when closed, under the closed pocket between the Velcro flaps.

The denim style trousers are thick and warm which makes them ideal for cold weather applications. They are also water resistant, however water will soak through if a substantial amount reaches the same area. Much like what is expected of jeans, these pants will add weight if soaked.

The knee area is reinforced with more padding on the outside and contains a knee pad compartment on the inside of the leg for the insert of more knee pad protection. The seams at the knee are slightly elasticated to allow for expansion when the knee folds. This ensures that the padding is in the right place when kneeling.

As part of the reinforcement of the knee pads, the seams of the inner thigh have also been reinforced to avoid any tears from prolonged… squatting actions. Needless to say, these trousers are designed to be durable and comfortable, however not as light weight as the ripstock alternative.

As we lead to the boot cut of the urban tactical pants, we find that there are small inserts at the end of the seams which allow for a boot lace to be fastened through the pant and secure the leg from rising upwards. From personal experience, there has been little need to secure the boot as the weight paired with the elasticity of the leg cut has led to the pants staying in one place.

Overall, the denim style UTPs by Helikon-Tex are very comfortable and are capable of keeping the wearer warm and protected from the environment and elements. Because of the design, the pants are easy to hide in public as regular jeans. Tailored to be used covertly as a tactical pant, these UTPs sacrifice weight for durability, protection and comfort.

If your environment is a cold climate, these pants are definitely worth looking at as a good alternative for general carry and operational use.

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