Welcome the Recon-Net

Something new for the camouflage fans out there, the Recon-Net by Ghosthood . Lightweight, Concamo, simple & effective constructed. Check it out!

Hot off the press, our new Recon-Net. Tested from various SF units around the globe already, it has proven itself to be another well thought product the units can count on to get their job done. More details on our website, have a look through.

A sniper team hidden behind our Recon-Net in Concamo Brwon. Look close and you can see the spotting scope + rifle. The team can move behind this screen and is well hidden while maintaining observation.
The Recon-Net is a breathable 2,80×2,80m net with four slits for optics and rifles. Cfix loops allow natural vegetation to be attached easy and fast.

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