Lightweight – Mil-Spec – IRR Camouflage

If you wanna play “hide and seek” in hot, dry environments, products in CONCAMO BEGIE from GHOSTHOOD bring you the unfair advantage!

concamo beige

All of their top notch tier one performing products such as the GHOST-HOODIE, RIFLE-CAMO, GHOST-LEGS, OPTIC-CAMO etc. are available in CONCAMO BEIGE. As you may know, GHOSTHOOD offers all of their products with full IRR protection so a walk around outside during goon time means, you walk like a boss!


CONCAMO® Beige was specifically developed for drylands with a higher beige content in their natural environment. Even in alpine and urban environments, this pattern can be very effective in use.

Got your interest? I’m sure it did! Visit their website for more details about each product and treat yourself! You know it’s almost time for some shameless self greatness!

Grab yours >>

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