Be the invisible – Run the GhostHood

The GhostHood line from CONCAMO is their latest new product line and it will be available very soon or lets say, you can already pre-order it. We had the chance to see it first person last week and here´s a “sneak peek” at it for you.

The line includes three products right now: Ghost-Mask, Ghost-Hoodie and the Ghost-Legs. All combined together gives you the ability to be the invisible and it really works thanks to the ConCamo pattern and its 3D effect. Inspired by mother natur herself, ConCcamo reflects natural elements and 7 different colors to bring you this awesome effect.

Overview: GhostHood Line

Produced according to German Military TL standards, all ConCamo GhostHood products come in IRR colors and so they´re military-use ready.

This business suit offers it´s operator several options all over from head to toe so let´s break some of it down for you.

The Ghost-Hoodie designed for the upper body provides a Sniper or a regular Soldier great concealment. It´s made of 100% Polyester and weights only 341g. You can store it in a small pocket and get easy and quick access to it when needed within seconds. As the material is so thin, you can easiely breath through the hood and you will stay cool all over too. Overheating is not an issue and you´re able to focus on the mission at all time. If you don´t need the Hood, it can be folded to the back or back on in seconds.

Integrated gloves which can also folded away are perfect to provide all in one concealment.

If you want to blend in the surroundings even better, the Hoodie offers you 46 CFIX “anchoring supports” too.

The CFIXs are specially designed. As you can see, ther´re many openings in it which allow you to secure grass, wood, bush or other material really good so it stays in place and you don´t loose it while on the move or crawl in position.

Picture by ConCamo

Right at the center area of the Hoodie is a opening that allows you to put your rifle scope or camera through when you lay down or sit in position.

NOTE: This picture shows an operator using the Hoodie as a weapon-scope/head cover only.
Picture by ConCamo

Use the rest from the Hoodie to cover your rifle it self. Well-thought-out small detail that makes the day at work a easy one.

If you want to get an idea of how it looks like when used as full cover, just visit their website – the opening picture shows the feature (operator to the far right).

The Ghost-Legs complet the suit and provide additional concealment for the lower part of your body – the legs. Also equipped with 20 CFIX points (10 per leg), the Legs can be easy dressed on like stockings. They´re big enough that you can wear them also over winter clothing without any issues. Same material as the Hoodie and just 216g (both legs).

To secure them at your pants, the fixation system is pretty simple. Using a flexible cord + cord stopper and a Canadian Buckle at the end, you just tight it up and thread it to your belt or blet loop.

The legs also provide cover for your boots. Rolled up while on the move (longer distance during getting in postioin) will keep them save and a longer life as they don´t get too much scratched from walking.

FACTS: Did you know that most snipers get identified from their boots? Worth buying these Ghost-Legs I would say…!

Picture by ConCamo

Last but not least is the Ghost-Mask. Works well without the other Ghost products to cover/conceal your face. Say goodbye to the old facecamo painting. The Mask is highly breathable for easy breathing and it only weights about 25g, wearable with or without glasses – on and off in seconds.

Alright that´s it for now. I hope you liked this quick overview from the GhostHood Line by ConCamo. We will provide more news in the near future here on our site and social meda so make sure you keep following us for updates!

Want to know anythig? Drop us a line in the coments below and we will answer asap! Thank you.

To see more and how effectiv this camo really is, I suggest you to visit their facebook page >>HERE<< to see all the pictures and videos released.

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