It was very interesting to see companies offering civilians with the ability to experience firearms in other countries. These companies are basically providing a holiday for firearm enthusiasts who want to experience firearms which are normally not legally available to them in the UK. One of the many companies to present these experiences is Czech Tactical Pursuits.

The booth was set up to demonstrate some of the interesting aspects of their tactical training experiences and what firearms clients are able to experience shooting whilst they’re on the experience days on range in the Czech Republic.

The booth demonstrated a range of targets, some handgun schematics (particularly CZ pistols) and a few short videos of people learning to shoot at the range in the Czech Republic. It was nice to see that both booth patrons were trained firearms instructors with more than a first hand on these tactical experiences with the confidence and know how to provide customers with an in depth understanding of what the experiences entail and how much clients can have their experiences catered for them.

At a very basic level, the range experience is very much a few days of range time, hiring a multitude of firearms and being given a variety of training from the instructors based on the client’s preferences. There seems to be no limit to what kind of training a client can have (with moderation and consideration to what is safe and possible).

Situated in the heart of Moravia accommodation is in the village of Velke Losiny close to the mountains. All one needs is a valid ID card/passport and to be under the supervision of an instructor or someone who owns a gun license while shooting. This opens the door for recreational sports shooting.

The range is located at Sumvald (Horka hill), near Unicov and features a 50m range with drive on bus / de-bus and a covered firing point. Shooting can be done from 0-50m, with semi automatic rifles and pistols. For more information and the chance to shoot in the Czech Republic, feel free to check out the CTP Website.