Ghost-Hoodie & Legs by GHOSTHOOD in action!

Our good friend Ripperkon recently went out with GHOSTHOOD to test the new camo color to their line-up which is “CONCAMO Beige”. What can I say as: enjoy watching and get f*cking excited about it!!

Together with Matthias I made some pictures in this sandy environment. I was so stoked how well this pattern performs. So I decided to make this quick and dirty video with this demonstation. I did no color grading etc.

Matthias is the inventor of the Concamo pattern. It is available in Concamo Green, Concamo Brown and Concamo Beige. My older videos with the Ghosthood equipment was with gear in Concamo Green Generation 1.

With Ghosthood Matthias made a brand, that offers ultra light camouflage solutions for a lot of different environments. Main customers are military and police units. The Ghosthood products even arrived in Australia and are used world wide.

Don’t annoy me with “Bad camouflage, I have seen the guy!” – We made the video so, that you can see the effect of the pattern. This can only be done, when he is more than some pixels. At least in my oppinion. Or try to proof me wrong …

Check out Ghosthoods website:
Ghosthood on Youtube:

Kons note: And yes, I also work with and for Ghosthood. I take most of the pictures, work on the website and help a lot with development and presentation at places with people.